Honor Bound Men’s Ministry was founded on April 26, 2003, and is committed to seeing men grow in discipleship, in relationship to their pastors, and in ministry to the body of Christ. When these disciplines become a reality in our life we are able to effectively extend beyond the four walls of the church and reach out into our communities.

Honor Bound’s foundation has four principles, which come from the Word of God:

1. In John 5:23, Jesus declares that to honor Him is to honor our Father who is in heaven.
2. In Matthew 15:4, the Lord said that we ware to honor our father and mother; in stating this He laid down a principle for honoring our families.
3. The Apostle Paul, in I Timothy 5:3; said we are to make provisions for those who are in need.
4. In I Peter 2:17, Peter says we are to honor those who are in authority over us.

Discipleship Resources for Men